Adding to Contact Folder Log – CRM Tutorial

  1. Mach10CRM thinks the way you do – focused on relationships.
  2. Within the Contact Folder Log you can make a phone call, send an email, or set up a meeting with your Contact.
  3. If you make a call or schedule a meeting from within the app, it will automatically prompt you to log a recap.
  4. Manually add an important text, meeting, or note to a Contact Log by clicking the DO-IT button.
  5. Enter in your ideas, capture a brainstorming session, or write thoughts about your strategy within the Contact Log by adding a Note.
  6. Quickly see a complete view of your emails, calls, visits, meetings, notes, and to-do items with every Contact. All of this data is in one place for your review, chronologically.

Email Advantages - Email Tutorial

  1. Mach10CRM simplifies your email experience by auto-sorting Email into individual Contact Folder Logs with important Emails going to VIP, MIP, and People categories.
  2. The remaining emails are sent to Entity (for blogs & miscellaneous) or into the infamous Blocked but not forgotten category - you can decide their fate.
  3. Emails received without a previous Contact Folder are stored in the “New” Category for your categorization or removal.
  4. Contact Logs can be Moved between Categories VIP, MIP, People, Entity, or Blocked at any time as their importance changes.
  5. Each Contact has an instant access Contact Log which is used to store all your personal experience CRM data.
  6. By adding your personal experiences into the Contact Log, you will have the critical data you need to understand each of your Contacts.

NEW Category – Email Tutorial

  1. Tired of sorting through hundreds of emails every day? Auto-sort shows you your defined VIP and other important category emails quickly.
  2. We auto sort your inbound emails into known Contact Folders and put the unknown Contacts into the NEW category.
  3. RocketCRM isolates only the really NEW emails - ones from people you haven’t heard from until now.
  4. If you Move a New Contact to another category (either an important one or a non- important one), it will not appear again in New with the same email address.
  5. Go into “New”, then Move to sort those New Contact emails to another Category. Ideally, you will keep “New” empty so you don’t clutter the New Category.
  6. By moving these to a Category, all future emails will automatically go into that Contact Folder Log and Category.

Contact Folder Logs - CRM Tutorial

  1. The Contact Folder Log is the basis of the CRM database. It is chronologically organized to clearly show all your CRM data individually by Contact.
  2. The Contact Activity Logs shows you your Contact's emails (in and out) in one log.
  3. You can manually enter your personal experience data for each Contact and the app automatically organizes them chronologically with their email.
  4. Even if a Contact has multiple email addresses, you can specify a single Contact Log for one Contact with multiple Contact email addresses. Tap a Contact, then tap inside the main information area and tap Edit. Select “Merge with Contact”, select emails to merge, then tap Save.
  5. The Blue Dots (1 or 2) indicate you have not read your contact's 1 or 2 most recent emails. After 7 days, if you still have not read the email(s), the dots turn black.
  6. Reviewing the actual day to day and even hour by hour interaction between you and your customer shows a clear picture of their requirements.
  7. With the Mach10CRM Contact Folder Log – data retrieval is fast, simple, and intuitive. Review your Contact's Log, decide your action, and complete your objective.

Entity - Email Tutorial

  1. While Auto-Sort organizes your important emails into VIP, MIP, and People, you will have the remainder of your emails auto-sorted to Entity.
  2. Entity has several types of non-important emails sent to you. Review these emails to find contacts you wish to keep and contacts you wish to eliminate.
  3. Move any Contact Folders you like to VIP, etc. and trash the ones you don't want.
  4. The Entity Category allows you to sort in two ways – either by Age (most recent email) or by Count. When sorting by Count, you might consider those with high volume as a candidate for Blocked.
  5. Some of these Contacts are sending you news or information of interest, and you want to keep these emails for reference. This is really what Entity is created for.

Blocked - Email Tutorial

  1. Are you tired of unsubscribing from one mailing list, just to get added to another?
  2. Blocked is better than unsubscribing. Here, you can block that email instantly.
  3. Click Move, then select the unwanted Contact Folders and then click Block.
  4. You can always see all the Blocked Contact Folders
  5. You can still open Blocked emails and read it or its attachment. But now they aren’t cluttering up your important Contacts and information.
  6. If you use Block effectively, you can spend more time on your important Contacts. Own Your Inbox – Focus on the Relationships that Matter!

Building Great Relationships – CRM Use Example

  1. Mach10CRM allows you to literally keep track of 500 people like they were your best friends and you had perfect memory.
  2. Every new interaction with someone is a potential opportunity to make a real connection both in work and in your personal life.
  3. Everyone has engaged someone on a random basis only later to forget the details of the encounter or the conversation.
  4. A key feature for Mach10CRM is its ability to integrate all the personal relationship data into a single chronological Contact Log along with the Contact's emails.
  5. Auto-sort all of your email exchanges and you can manually enter your personal experiences (meetings, visits, calls, research) about them.
  6. Mach10CRM allows you to log all the personal experiences of each Contact that provides many conversations threads for you to remember any time.
  7. This sets you apart, and lets people know that you truly remember them. It’s the little things that make a big difference in all Relationships.