Tips & Tricks

Start with good Contact Information

Be sure to fully populate your contact information for your important relationships. This will help speed up your actions and logging for each Contact. Simply tap anywhere in the Contact data and the Contact record will appear, and you can edit from there.

Import Contacts

You can easily import a Contact from your Apple Contacts from the “Settings” icon and selecting “Add New Contact”.

Merge multiple email addresses for a single Contact

If your Contact has multiple email addresses, but you want to keep them in a single Contact Folder, simply select the Contact, tap anywhere in the Contact data field, and then tap Edit. From there you can select “Merge with Contact”, and all email addresses with that person will appear. Select the email addresses you wish to merge, and then tap “Done”.

Every Contact is a Real Person

with interests, hobbies, and special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Use the “Profile” button to keep track of these important data points.

Having a Plan to Build your Relationship will set you apart

Use the “Profile” button to jot down your Strategic Plan, Contact Frequency, or Relationship Goals for each important Contact.

Use the “Review” button as your personal Dashboard

The “Review” button brings up a menu that allows you to quickly view your upcoming Calendar, To Dos, Sales, Opportunities, and Statistics. It is a good idea to start and end your day in this area so you can plan your day, work your plan, and then evaluate your progress.

Create a contact for YOU in the VIP Category

This will allow you to create To Dos, and Appointments for yourself. You can even log an opportunity under your own name so it will appear in your “Review” dashboard if you don’t yet have a contact name for the Opportunity or Client you wish to pursue.

Refreshing your Data

When you want to refresh your data and check for new emails, simply swipe down from the top to the bottom of your iPhone screen while you have the app open.

Making the Most of “Statistics”

When you are in the Review Menu – you can scroll down and quickly see your daily, weekly, and monthly progress on emails sent, communications made, and glance at your “Do It” graph to see your personal productivity trends. Set personal goals to keep that graph moving up and to the right!

Printing your Logs

Print your entire Contact Folder Log (CFL) history for a particular Contact and you will see the exact replica of your screen view. If you print from your iPad, you will see three columns in one view. Be careful to select only the date and/or page range you want to print.

Customizable “My Notes” Category

The default Categories are Ideas, Lists, and Trips. You can create a new File Folder by pressing the “Add” button and naming the Folder in the pop-up window and pressing “Create”. Once you are in a File Folder, you can create multiple notes in each.

The Vault

Protected, Secure, Encrypted - Store your Passwords, Sales History, Sensitive documents, and any other items that need an extra level of security. Simply type your Apple ID code or use Touch ID to access. You can create custom folders here as well, just like in your “My Notes” Category.


Collaborate with your colleagues, family, friends, school or community with the “Projects” category. Use Projects for managing something as simple as planning a birthday party, or as complex as building a new house! Setting up a new Project is a snap. Simply send an email to the team members (or even just yourself), and include the Project Name with two hash tags in front of the name (##ProjectName), and every email communication after that will automatically appear in your Project Folder. You can also add To Dos, Meetings, and any other Notes in the log.

Entity, Blocked, and Trash

These (3) options for “Move” are great for managing your less important emails and contacts. Entity is intended for emails that come from news feeds, or any areas of interest where you may want to peruse regularly, but at your leisure. Blocked is for those emails and contacts that you may want to check, but VERY seldom. As with all of Mach10CRM Categories, this is totally up to you. You can always see items in Blocked, but they are kept from your important categories so you can focus on more important things. Trash is for Contacts that you do not wish to track at all. Trash cannot be undone, so use with caution.