FAQ - general

Who needs Mach10CRM?

  • Salespeople who want to increase their sales.
  • People networking and strengthening their relationships.
  • Productivity Freaks who want to be really organized.
  • People who are overwhelmed by their work or life.
  • People who receive over 100 emails a day.
  • Business Owners who closely track their people.
  • Anyone who wants a pocket assistant to remember all the details.
  • Support and Marketing teams handling customers.
  • Anyone receiving and sending documents, spreadsheets, and need an automatic filing and retrieval system.
  • People who work in the following industries: Sales, Recruiting, Real Estate, Public Relations, Event Planning, Brokers, and Financial Planners.

What is the function of Mach10CRM?

Mach10CRM is a powerful business oriented Communication Relationship Manager that provides quick access to all communications in your Contacts. Additionally, Mach10CRM allows you to rank your Contacts in order of importance so you are sure to focus on the most important ones first.

How does Mach10CRM work?

Mach10CRM uniquely manages all your email accounts, with over 50 extra features allowing you to access your data quickly and in an organized way. Most importantly, it provides a way for other important interactions like phone calls or text messages to be manually logged with the Contact’s inbound and outbound emails chronologically. This way, you can see at a glance all your interactions and notes with each Contact.

Where does Mach10CRM keep all my information?

All the information on Mach10CRM is stored locally on your iPhone for quick access.

Does it take up a lot of storage on the iPhone?

No, emails are typically text and do not need much storage. Usually, Mach10CRM needs less than 1GB for 10,000 email. If you have abundant pictures or attachments, the storage usage increases appropriately.

How much does Mach10CRM cost?

Mach10CRM costs $15.00 per month, but your first month is free!

Can Mach10CRM store text messages, phone calls, and meetings that occur?

Yes, however, only your emails are automatically included in the Contact Folder Log. You can manually enter text messages, phone calls and meetings if you think it is important to log those events into the Contact Folder Log. You can also make a phone call or send an email from your Contact Folder Log.

What types of interactions can be stored in the Contact’s Folder Log?

You can quickly log phone calls, text messages, meetings, sales and opportunities, and any ad hoc notes or research entered into Mach10CRM. Select the DO-IT button to see a complete list of activities.

What is the DO-IT button?

When you tap on DO-IT inside any Contact Folder Log, you will be shown all the activities available for you to do. This includes Reach out to a Contact, Log an Activity, Plan a Future Task, and Do It Statistics.

Why aren't my text messages tracked automatically?

Apple does not allow us access to the text messages.

How is color used in Mach10CRM?

Within the Contact Folder Log, there is a chronological log of communications and activities. Each entry is color coded by type. Emails are green, phone calls, text messages, and meetings are yellow, notes, sales and opportunities, calendar events, and todos are blue.

How do you change the font size in Mach10CRM?

Like in all Apple apps, font size can only be adjusted from your iPhone’s settings page. Restart your app after making this change and you are all set!

How is Mach10CRM organized and why?

Your contacts are organized into multiple categories. These 4 categories are: VIP, MIP, People, and Entity. Mach10CRM is designed specifically to categorize your Contacts by priority. We have specific features and functions built to address the different groups.

Does Mach10CRM have a separate Contact Folder Log for each contact?

Yes, it does. Each Contact Folder Log includes all sent and received emails, along with your personal entries. So, all data for a specific contact resides in this single folder and you can access it quickly.

Does moving a Contact Folder Log to Blocked delete it?

No, you will simply no longer receive any notifications from those Contacts in Blocked.

What happens when I move a Contact Folder Log in Trash or delete an activity?

When you move a Contact Folder Log to Trash or delete an activity, you will be asked if you are sure of the action by a prompt window. If you confirm to delete the selected item, it will be removed from the app and cannot be recovered.

Where is my Trash folder?

Mach10CRM does not have a Trash folder. The option to move Contact Folder Logs to Trash will appear once you have selected Contact Folders Log to be moved and will be located on the Categories bar at the top of your screen.

What is the Profile and how is it used?

Profile is where you can place long term notes, ideas, and pointers about a specific contact. Access it from the Profile button inside each Contact Folder Log, then edit, print, and share it.

What is the Review button and what is it for?

The Review button is located on the toolbar at the bottom of every category. It gives you access to 4 screens which show your logged sales, calendar events, to do items, and statistics.

How does the Project category work?

The Project category has Folders just like any other category, except these contact folders are for projects. Each Project Folder Log will have a Project name designated by ##name. This category is for any user to send emails concerning a particular project. If an email has ##name in the subject line, it will be sorted to that category when sent or received. Just like all other contact folders, you can add your usual notes to the contact or project.

What is the My Notes category for?

The My Notes category is for your own created files. Use this area for reference, check lists, ideas, travel, or any other ad hoc notes. There is also a Secure Vault for those notes which should be kept private.

Can I search within Mach10CRM?

Yes. To search all the content on Mach10CRM within any category, simply scroll up to reveal the Search bar and type any keyword. You will automatically be shown a list of search results for the category that you are currently in.

Are my search results only available in the category I am currently in?

No, you may tap on each category to see the results of the search across categories. The number next to the Category Activity title will display the number of results.

Can I backup and sync my data across multiple Apple devices?

Yes, Mach10CRM routinely backs up your data every minute or so. Also, you can sync data across multiple iPhone/iPad devices. Use your iPhone to take a call while you are logging notes of the call into your iPad. Within minutes of your last iPad entry, you can see it on your iPhone. You can also access Mach10CRM simultaneously on multiple devices to show multiple screens of Mach10CRM.